Who Regulates Online Poker In The UK?


The 2005 Gambling Act brought great changes to the UK online gambling scene, including the launch of the UK Gambling Commission. Now that it is fully regulated, players can enjoy a safe and secure experience at online casinos. As a result, some of the best and most trustworthy online poker in the UK are available on the net.

Below we will further explore the role of the Gambling Commission and laws relating to playing poker online by answering some Frequently Asked Questions:

Who regulates online poker in the UK and what powers do they have?

The Gambling Commission is the UK Government body that regulates all real-money gambling in the UK. It issues licenses to all the online casinos that serve UK residents and polices all aspects of the business to ensure that standards also adhere. They will online approve poker sites with the necessary means, competency, and integrity.

Since the passing of the 2014 Licensing and Advertising Act, it is now a requirement that any poker site, including any outside the UK, that serves the UK market must hold a license. Previously only UK based companies had to comply. It has had a large impact on the numerous poker sites operating outside the UK.

The Commission has the power to revoke the licenses of online establishments that do not comply with regulations. It controls which companies may legally advertise to the UK market.

Is online poker in the UK fair?

An important part of the regulation is the setting of technical standards to ensure that software provides a safe and fair experience for players online.

Who can play online poker in the UK?

Anyone over the age of 18, with permission to use the device that they are on, for that purpose, may play online poker. You may not be able to access UK gambling sites from countries where online gambling is not legal. UK sites will block anyone registering from a country where online gambling is illegal.

Is online gambling legal in the USA and Europe?

Unlike in the UK, it is only legal to play poker online in three states; these are New Jersey, Delaware, and Nevada. Real-money online poker is legal in some European countries. These include France, Spain, Germany, and Italy.

Is it safe to play poker online in the UK?

It is perfectly safe to play online poker as long as you play on trusted and respected sites that have been licensed by the UK Gambling Commission. You should be able to find this information very easily (usually found at the foot of the page) on any reputable site where you are considering playing. If you cannot find this information, then you cannot be assured of the site’s trustworthiness and security, and you would be told to avoid it.

Is there any tax to pay on my winnings from online poker?

The good news is that even a full-time gambler is exempt from paying tax on online poker winnings in the UK.

What laws apply to the players of online poker?

It is also important to know what constitutes an illegal activity for the player online. All data given when registering at an online casino must be full and accurate, including name, contact and financial details. It is against the law to use a false identity or create a fake account on any online poker site. It is to prevent anyone taking advantage of any promotions multiple times.

Collusion between players to fix games and tournaments online is also illegal. The use of any software, devices or hacking that would affect fair play is also against the law.