One Third of All UK Gambling Revenue is Generated Online

Over recent years advances in technology have made casino games more accessible to a greater number. Now online gambling is officially the largest gambling sector in Britain. According to statistics recently released by the UK Gambling Commission, a third of all gambling dollars in the UK come directly from the internet.

High Gross Gambling Yield

Between April 2015 and March 2016, the online gambling sector has raked in a Gross Gambling Yield (GGY*) of £4.5 billion, beating the National Lottery, brick and mortar casinos, and of course high street betting shops.


Where has this generated figure of £4.5 billion been distributed?

Casino games account for £2.6 billion. It’s horses for courses, with £1.6 billion driven in from betting. There’s £152 million in total allocated from betting exchanges. Unlucky for some, bingo is still up there with a total figure of £153 million while £26 million came from pool betting. Lastly, online slot machine-style games alone generated £1.8 billion.

Other betting areas

How do the other, offline sectors hold up against these figures? Over the same period, the National Lottery generated £3.4 billion. Then came high street betting shops with a total of £3.3 billion, and £1 billion by traditional casinos.

Technology thrust, and continued trust

According to James Green, the programme director for the UK Gambling Commission, these figures show that the increasingly popular online gambling industry is taking a creative approach to technology use. But, with this technological thrust, operators of the online sector will also need to continue to show that they are also taking just such an innovative approach to ensuring that gambling online is safe for all who choose to use it.

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*The Gross Gambling Yield is the amount retained by operators after the payment of winnings. But, before the deduction of the costs of the operation.