10 Insanely Entertaining Movie Slots

#10. The Six Million Dollar Man

6 Million Dollar Man Slot

This classic 1973 movie starring Lee Majors comes back to life on your screen in the form of the Six Million Dollar Man Slot.

An original Playtech game, Six Million Dollar Man, is a massively fun and innovative movie slots game that can be enjoyed by all slot players with a range of spin-stakes that include the unique Bionic Spin. It requires an extra 50% of your total bet, but it comes with up to an additional five fantastic prize winning Random Wilds.

#9. Top Gun

Top Gun Slot

Feel the nostalgia with this fully licensed movie slots game based on the 1986 classic Top Gun. The game showcases US Navy pilots who went down in history, and you can experience the excitement all over again.

The game offers players a particularly generous 243 ways to win with each spin. So each time you get the reels spinning you can pick up one of the main game prizes, trigger the Danger Zone Free Games round, or watch as a jet zooms into view and blasts a host of Dogfight Wilds onto your five reels.

#8. The Mummy

The Mummy Slot

The Mummy is a massively immersive and captivating slot game that is sure to thrill players. Based on the 1999 movie, The Mummy includes a charming score and top graphics to boot. It is easy to play, and players can check the paytable and the cost symbol at any time.

See if you can win the Lost City Adventure Bonus with this chilling version of The Mummy in online slot form.

#7. Rambo

Rambo Slot

For those Rambo fans out there, this online slot will take you back to the all-time classic movie. Although it is ultimately based on the 2008 film, the game still provides the same experience from the classic Rambo movies.

You can win one of four different jackpots, as well as enjoy a free spins round with an interesting twist – however, the most striking feature of the movie slot is the 720 ways to win and the unique layout of the reels.

Lock and load.

#6. Gladiator

Gladiator Slot

Enjoy beautiful imagery and score from the classic original motion picture on this popular slot conversion.

Powered by game giants Playtech, you can now step into the shoes of Maximus and re-enact some parts of the film. See if you can win the jackpot.

#5. Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park slot

Jurassic Park is based on one of the biggest blockbusters of all time. The game has striking visuals, and the player will be transported into another world. Players can expect to enjoy regular payouts that they can earn through the game as well as special symbols and features that it has to offer.

The game also has the T-Rex alert feature which is activated when a T-Rex appears. When this feature is activated, players will have a higher chance of claiming great rewards with up to 35x extra wilds.

Jurassic Park will sure get the adrenaline pumping!

#4. Rocky

Rocky Slot

Ding ding ding!

Who didn’t love the legendary Rocky films? This online slot brings it all back to your living room with authentic soundtrack and images from all your favourite characters.

Step into the ring by spinning the reels of this 5 reel and 25 pay-line slot. Even more remarkable, when wins contain one of Rocky’s most famous opponents, you will see a celebratory clip from the movies.

#3. Ace Ventura

Ace Ventura Slot

Alrighty then!

This great slot game follows in the steps of the classic comedy film featuring Jim Carrey released in 1994.

The game features five reels, and the fantastic thing is that it offers superb 243 ways to win technology, so each and every spin gives players plenty of opportunities to win. Players can also enjoy bonus video clips from the movie.

With a Free Games bonus symbol and an Expanded Reels trigger to reveal, plus some in-reel features, it is no surprise that Ace Ventura is among the favourites.

#2. Scarface

Scarface slot

Say Hello to my little friend! Possibly one of the finest ever gangster films is represented here with this highly rated slot game.

The movie slot comes with complete cutscenes, sound bites, and official graphics. Tony Montana (Al Pacino) is the main character in the movie who is well represented on the reels too. The reels are full of high-quality stills from the film.

The game features 5-reels and 20-paylines and offers Scatter Wilds, Free Spins, and a second-screen bonus.

A true timeless classic.

#1. Ghostbusters

Ghostbusters slot

This slot has the legendary music from the classic hit film and features all the characters from the cast. The gaming experience is top class and players are transported to the movie’s fantasy world with rich and vivid graphics.

There are thirty paylines in the game, and fifty credits are required for each spin. The Ghostbusters slots machine also includes three bonus games as well as five progressive jackpots.

Who are you gonna call?

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