The Future of Online Casinos

Constantly evolving, online casino games and online gambling more widely continues to grow and generate money. From the looks of things, the future of online casinos is secure, and there are many reasons why.

So why are casinos more popular and what are the figures to prove it?

The future growth of online casinos

The Generation Game

Currently generating £3 billion annually in the UK alone, online gambling has several more aces stored up its sleeve for the near future. One area that the industry is likely to capitalise is the emergence of virtual reality. Virtual reality technology will make waves in the coming months and years. In fact, they predict that bets from virtual reality gambling will reach over $420 million by the year 2021.

A Change in Demographic

Millennials are the new target market. Previously, this generation shied away from online casino games, preferring tabletop games which drew lower margins. Over-40’s have been the real champions of online slot games.

However, this is all set to change. New trends show a move to attract young people to online casino gaming. A feature of this move has been to make games appeal to a young audience by utilising technology.  We’ve already mentioned VR, but optimising games for mobile is also important. Young people want to game from wherever they are, so games that support mobile and tablet devices are essential.

Mobile Gambling Set to Rise

Gamers and online players no longer sit in seedy arcades. Now, they can sit in a splendid world-class casino without leaving the comfort of their home. Mobile apps and ever-evolving technology allow participation anywhere, at any time. The latest figures report a 10% annual growth in online casino gambling. A figure forecasters expect to grow over the coming years. Most likely, mobile gambling will account for 40% of all online gambling over the next three years.

Technological Trends

Better and ever-changing technology has assured us of better gaming experiences, as well as ensuring those high-figure predictions. In the past twenty years, the gaming technology has come a long way. However, with the rise and speed of developments in virtual reality have transported online casino gamers to a whole new level. As VR headsets take off, this immersive experience will continue to improve. Certainly, there’s high demand for more innovative and creative games, and the technology industry is happy to support this.

The developments are cutting edge and pretty cool. Now, players can escape into an alternate reality of big casino games. These games alter your spacial awareness and alter your perception of sound, making it feel like you’re part of the action. Immersive headsets mean players are encouraged to play for longer, which in turn encourages the developers to up their game. This latest and cutting-edge technology means that soon, most folk – in particular Millennials – can have an online casino right at home.

Creativity is the key word when it comes to attracting this demographic, and to ensure the continued growth and enhanced profits of online casino gambling. Groundbreaking changes and creative technology from the developers are managing to achieve just that. Taking home entertainment to a whole new level, and incorporating online casino gaming into the mainstream.

Worth the Investment?

Is that possible? Will virtual reality headsets for online casino gaming enter the mainstream? Currently, VR headsets used for online casino gaming, are pretty expensive. Also, they are constantly being updated.

So, are they a good investment? We’re willing to bet a resounding yes. With more software currently under development, the fully immersive gaming experience and online casino experience will become a must-have in most homes. In future, VR gaming will be as essential as a plasma screen or surround-sound system.

The virtual reality revolution has ensured that the future of online casinos gaming is secure and here to stay.