Only In poker! Rookie Poker Player Makes Seven-Figure Score

Melbourne man and amateur poker player, 33-year-old Shurane Vijayaram, hit the big time. By taking home a cool $1.6 million at this year’s Aussie Millions main event. This seven-figure score, worth £970,000, was the rookie’s first recorded cash win. As a result, catapulted him overnight from humble pub poker player to multimillionaire, a transformation that has captivated the poker world.

This historic win was all the more phenomenal because the Vijayaram won the $10,600 entry fee. Which he would need to buy his seat in the big league and at a local satellite tournament for a buy-in of a paltry $130 only the week previously.

The final showdown came in the early hours of the morning when Vijayaram took down British poker star, Ben Heath. Who was holding a King and an Eight, with a pair of fives in a ballsy call on the river.

Crown’s Aussie Millions tournament has been running for 20 years now. One of the most prestigious events on the international poker circuit. Over the week-long event, it was watched by thousands via live streaming. Vijayaram outshone and outplayed 724 players including some of poker’s biggest international stars. These included Germany’s Tobias Hausen and Fedor Holz, David Olson of the United States and Aussie homegrown talents Jeff Rossiter and Luke Roberts. Between them, the runners-up cashed in nearly $1.9 million in winnings. Ben Heath scooped a tidy second prize of $1 million.

Rookie player Vijayaram delivered an amazing yet low-key performance and remained apparently unfazed under the glare of the international poker spotlight. Also in the presence of the world’s most seasoned players.

By the time he met Heath in the final game of the tournament the newbie had gained a new-found belief in his game. He told Poker News “I already played some really good players during this tournament, better players than I’ve played in my whole life before. Having that confidence, and confidence in my game, I suppose gave me the belief that I could take these guys on.”

Of his astonishing journey to the final, he went on to say “First Aussie Millions satellite I ever played. Honestly, I was just getting back into pub poker about four months ago. One of the guys at pub poker, and he’s here tonight, asked me if had played any Aussie Millions satellites. I was like ‘No, I don’t really play that often.’ But then I thought about it and thought ‘Maybe I will play.’ I went down last Sunday, played it, won it, and now I’m here.”

Who knows whether this humble amateur decides to go pro and play more big tournaments. However, one thing is certain, the story of this historic win will definitely be one to tell his grandchildren, not to mention his mates and fellow poker players at the pub.

Image credit: @CrownPoker