9 Reasons Why You’ll Love Playing Slots Online

The beauty of playing slots online lies in the fact that it is possible for anyone, with or without experience, can go from zero to slot machine hero, not to mention millionaire status, in just one session.

With a little bit of luck anyone can win big on the slots and playing online makes it even easier.
Here are nine reasons why you’ll love playing slots online.

1. Comfort and Convenience

Playing slots online allows you all the comfort and convenience of playing from home. You can get involved when you want, where you want and in your pyjamas, if you want.

2. Keep The Costs Down

The money that you save by not having to visit a casino – travel, accommodation, food, drink, entertainment, etc. – would be better spent bolstering your bankroll and increasing your chances of a big win.

3. No One Is Going To Sit In Your Seat

Unlike what you’ll experience at a bricks-and-mortar venue, there is no vying for a particular slot machine and nobody hovering over your shoulder-rattling a Starbucks coffee cup full of change.
When you play online, you can play on whatever slot you like, whenever you like. With no other player bothering you.

4. Something For Everyone

In the world of online slots, there is something for everyone. Unlike with other casino games, where there is variety, but limits by comparison when it comes to slots the choice is seemingly endless. The themes include Sci-Fi, fantasy, sports, aquatic, equestrian, wildlife, cultural the list goes on.
Some of the most popular are based on blockbuster movies and shows such as Jurassic Park, Terminator, The Dark Knight, The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and Friends. Whatever you’re into, whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it online including some pretty hot stuff like Playtech’s Chippendale’s or the Playboy slot.

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5. You Can Go Old School

As technology marches on casino games, both on and offline, have become more and more complex and sophisticated. However, if you prefer something a bit more old-school, you can still find it on the internet. It’s rare to find a standard three wheel game anywhere in a land-based casino these days, but you can online.

6. Not Just a Game of Luck

For some, the attraction of the slot machine is the fact that it requires no skill to play. However, if you enjoy a bit of a challenge and a chance to test your skills, some online slots have integrated skills-based gameplay. Players can move up through levels unlocking rewards as they go which adds to the fun and winnings potential.

7. Free Spins

Who doesn’t like to get something for nothing? When picking a slot game to play, check-out the potential for free spins and take full advantage.

8. Special Features and Bonuses

Unlike the majority of slots that you find in real-world casinos, the best slots online offer plenty of bonuses and special features that make playing more exciting and, if you’re lucky, offer the chance to win more money when they trigger.

Here are just some to look out for: 242 ways to win, auto play mode, bonus rounds, click and pick, click and win, expanding wilds, extra symbols, and free spins. Plus gamble feature, multiplier symbol, nudges and holds, penny slots, poker run, progressive jackpots, re-spins, scatters, shifting reels, skill stop, stacked wilds and wilds.

9. Millionaire Makers

And finally, let’s not forget, the slot machines are the instant millionaire makers of the online casino. You might make it there on the other games available to you, but you would need to a huge starting bankroll and considerable experience, not to mention skill, to get there.

You can win millions playing on slots with progressive jackpots in a single play. The biggest win on a progressive slot went to a British soldier, Jon Heywood, in 2015 when he won £13.2 million on an initial stake of 25p.

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