14 Poker Tips To Improve Your Game and Increase Your Profit

Here we have 14 poker tips to help improve your poker skills:

1. Match the stakes to your bankroll

Don’t make the mistake that lots of beginners make which is to be drawn to the high stakes tables. It is one of the quick poker tips for inexperienced players to be parted from their cash. Head for the tables with low limits, that’s where your opportunities to win will be better, and you’ll play more hands for your bankroll.

2. Do not overplay single pairs

Poker tips such as putting lots of your chips in with just a single pair rarely pay off. If you are holding a middle pair or a top pair with a puny kicker, and you are looking at big stakes from your opponents, then you should probably fold. Watch the winner in these instances and get your chips back when you are the one with the stronger hand.

3. Keep it simple

In low limit games, the simple strategy is usually the best as there are plenty of players that will call you. You can make them pay. Why give them a card if you don’t have to? If somebody else raises on the turn and you have just one pair, you should fold.

4. Get to grips with the numbers

Having a basic idea of how to calculate the pot, odds and of the chances of hitting your draws is essential to play good poker. The phrase “I was never any good at maths” just won’t cut it at the casino.

5. Chat with your dealer

Dealers often take a lot of abuse and hardly get any recognition, but most of the time they are the most interesting player at the table. Playing cards are what they do for a living and, you never know, you might even learn something.

6. Treat it like a business and keep records

Are you aware what your average ROI is for poker tournaments? What about playing Sit n Goes? Do you think your win rate will alter when you play multi-table games? When you keep records, you can make informed decisions and optimise your winnings with time.

7. Keep ’em guessing

Over time even the best players fall into a rhythm. If you play the same way each time then eventually your competition will catch on. So you need to keep changing your style to stay on top of the game.

8. Check your ego at the door

Yes, it’s frustrating when someone calls your bluff, or you’ve finally been dealt a great hand, and all around you are folding, but you have to keep your anger and your ego in check. One of the best poker tips is to stay calm and focused and don’t give your game away by letting your emotions get the better of you.

9. Take care of number one

Make sure that you are well fed, have had plenty of water and that you have had enough sleep. Adrenaline is a wonderful thing but, it will only carry you so far. Make sure that your body and mind are well fuelled if you want to play your best poker game.

10. Never play drunk

At the risk of sounding like your mother, don’t play when drunk. Of course, you can find a drink almost everywhere in a casino, but they don’t supply it for your benefit, and it’s not going to help your poker game. If you are serious about your game, play sober.

11. Have a little patience

It is possibly the best piece of advice you’ll get. You are going to be dealt bad hands, and sometimes you’ll hit an unlucky streak. Don’t start taking risks.

12. Pick your battles

It goes hand in hand with having a little patience. If you play tight, and only play your best hands, you’ll stand a better chance of gaining an edge on your opponents and on the flops you be more likely to stay ahead.

13. Forget the bluff on internet poker

You will get called most of the time at medium limits and almost all the time at low limits. If you feel the urge to bluff play in a short-handed game that’s where you will have more success.

14. Flash your cash

Let people see your bankroll even if you have no intention of spending it all.

Doing things this way you’ll have better chances when you have a great hand because other players may worry about your bankroll when you sit on a low limit table.