NetEnt Drives Gonzo’s Quest Into a New Dimension

Forget Viva Las Vegas. It’s Viva VR with the exciting announcement from leading digital entertainment company, NetEnt, that they are to launch the real money slot game, Gonzo’s Quest, straight into the ever-growing popular world of Virtual Reality.

Taking a real money slot game into the VR sector is big news and a first for the gaming industry. A point not missed by the developers, NetEnt. CEO, Per Eriksson, is confident that the technology is mature enough and the time is right for this innovation stating “We firmly believe that VR has a given place in the future of online gaming, based on our research and the trends that we monitor. We remain focused on delivering the ultimate entertainment experience by taking this first step towards developing our first real-money VR slot”.

The latest in VR Tech

NetEnt – formerly known as Net Entertainment – are planning to use the latest in Web VR technology, to take the popular game right into the future. The exact launch date has not been announced. The exciting news was released just ahead of the eagerly awaited ICE Gaming Conference in London which took place earlier this month. A showcase of the prototype of the game was available to whet the appetites of gamers and the industry alike.

Gonzo’s Quest VR, which is still in development, will feature 360-degree views. The ability to explore your environment and Jackpots that rain down from the sky.

Hunger for the latest experiences

As Gonzo’s Quest is easily one of NetEnt’s most popular gaming titles, using this title as a pilot to launch the new Virtual Reality venture makes perfect sense. VR is, of course, a fast-changing market, with new innovations daily, and the fast-growing trend. It indicates that the end users, the consumers, are always hungry for the latest developments. They want alternative gaming experiences, and the newer, and more immersive, the better.

Reach and availability

Virtual Reality provides that immersion into the world of gaming. Adding a VR version of Gonzo’s Quest to NetEnt’s offering of multi-channel gaming will satisfy that hunger. For NetEnt’s part, distribution through their Casino Module will provide the reach and availability, which will, in turn, provide easy accessibility, leading to a massive leap in user figures and increase in returning client base.

This announcement is truly a milestone for gaming giant and the entire gaming industry, according to Per Eriksson, NetEnt CEO. Not only will the game be accessible through NetEnt’s Casino but users will also be able to access it through their Smartphones and other devices through Android and Apple.

So, when will this exciting Virtual Reality gaming announcement become actual reality? In truth, probably at the end of this year, or early in 2018. So, gamers may have to wait a little longer to get their idle thumbs on a VR version of Gonzo’s Quest. But, the news is enough, for now, to whip the gaming world into a frenzy. That news could change the gaming world as we know it. A true sign of the changing times.

Employing 900 people in Stockholm, Malta, Kiev, Krakow, Gothenburg, Gibraltar and New Jersey, NetEnt, a NASDAQ Stockholm-listed company. Who is always proud to provide its customer market with the latest, cutting-edge games and always staying one step ahead. This announcement fits perfectly with that ethos. Staying ahead of the competition, and being the first company to provide a real money slot as a VR experience. This ensures they stay well ahead of their own game. Also, setting this news as a firm milestone in gaming history.