Is Online Blackjack Fair?

The question of fair play is a big worry for online blackjack players. People feel that the game will go against them because they’re not watching the cards shuffle and dealt in-person. These suspicions are understandable, though not founded in truth.

Why Online Blackjack isn’t Rigged

Casinos are subject to laws that prohibit them from adjusting the outcome of games. As the house edge is in their favour, they still make an overall profit.

Casino licensing authorities assess online casinos to make sure their random number generators (RNGs) are fair. RNG technology ensures the online casino games produce cards as randomly as any land-based casino.

The specifics of this testing and the laws that apply may vary from region to region, but the majority of online casinos are regularly audited. These measures deter casinos from manipulating the software to their advantage.

Legitimate online casinos are concerned with volume, long-term customers, and consistent profit. Hence they’re unlikely to risk their reputation rigging online blackjack games. For sound protection, only ever play at trusted casinos, such as those listed here.

How do you know if you can trust a casino?

If you’re worried that you can’t trust an online blackjack game, there are steps you can take to protect your cash –

  • Play at well-known and trusted casinos
  • Choose a casino that gives you access to your gaming history – this will help you look for patterns if you do have suspicions
  • Limit how much you’re gambling with until satisfied you’ve had several wins

Remember that in a fast-paced game such as blackjack losses are inevitable. But with strict laws in place, losses are usually a result of variance rather than rigged software.

Online and land-based gambling is a form of entertainment that can come at a cost. The odds favour the house, which is why casinos can continue to be a top source of entertainment. The main thing is to relax and have fun without betting more than you can afford to lose.

It’s fine to have a healthy distrust of online card tables, especially when deciding where to play. But with laws and auditing to protect you, it’s unlikely you’ll find yourself playing a fraudulent game online.

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