How Are Online Poker Cards Generated?

A random number generator will deal online poker cards, more commonly known as an RNG. It is a system that assures the fairness of the game by generating a string of random, impossible to predict, numbers which translate into a deck of cards which will be shuffled and dealt as hands to the players.

The reputable online casinos all regularly submit their RNGs for independent audit and make the results available on their sites. If you want a fair play, then only use the trusted and reputable casinos.

What does random really mean?

In the case of RNGs when we talk about random numbers we mean numbers generated by a sophisticated mathematical algorithm that is unpredictable. To function the algorithm must start with a ‘seed’ number. This number must generate randomly to make the whole system truly unpredictable. It is like a double layer of security so that if an outsider was to hack the algorithm. They would still have to crack the ‘seed’ generation before being able to predict the RNG results.

What is the difference between continuous and single shuffling?

These audited RNG systems mean that you are more likely to shuffle the deck randomly in an online Poker room than a live one. However, it’s worth noting that on some sites the shuffle of the deck is then continuous then on others. They will not reshuffle until the hand is played. Which is closer to how it works in a live online Poker cards game.

What the continuous shuffle system adds is a bit of extra security by making even more impossible, if such a phrase has any meaning, to predict the next cards to come out of the deck.

Is it safe to play online poker cards?

The likelihood of the big players in the online market rigging their games is extremely low. It simply makes no sense when the whole business, a market in the UK worth billions, relies on reputation and trustworthiness.

If you still have concerns over security and the effectiveness of RNGs then consider that anyone who was clever enough to be able to crack the algorithms of the online casinos would find many more lucrative and brilliant avenues to pursue than hacking online casinos.

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