Five ways to scupper your chances of winning at online slots

Online slots are a game of luck, and the house edge is always in the casinos’ favour. In other words, you’re statistically more likely to lose than you are to win.

However, slots players forget that there are ways to diminish further their chances of winning. Either, they’ll forget to research games thoroughly and play the ones with the worst odds. Or, they pick up bad habits, such as ignoring the bonus offers available.

Here are five ways that players screw up when going up against the casino and trounce their chances of winning big:

1. Ignore the pay table

The pay table lists all the winning combinations in a slots game and details how much you’ll win for each. It’s important to review it, so you know which symbols to cheer on as well as the return on a successful spin.

By ignoring the pay table, you could start a game oblivious to its poor payouts. You also miss the chance to review a game’s bonus features. Bonus features are available in most slot games and give you a chance to boost your winnings. It might be that a certain combination releases a batch of free spins or that you get the chance to double your money after playing for a set length of time.

Another figure to consider is the return to player (RTP) rate. Most slot games have an RTP between 82% and 97%. The lower the RTP, the more likely you are to lose money playing the slot game. Experienced players will compare a game’s RTP rate with its payouts to get an idea of potential wins.

Sadly, many players ignore this information thinking all games are made equal. In fact, they’re not, so do your homework before playing a slots game to avoid wasting money.

2. Only play high variance online slots

Some players do their research and still manage to get it wrong. These are the players who have an overwhelming bias for high variance slot games – those high-risk games that offer big payouts.

High variance games will have high bonus feature payouts but low line payouts. As a result, players are likely to end up with amounts further away from that game’s expected return. If you’re lucky, this will work in your favour, and you’ll be seeing dollar signs. But if it’s not your day, high variance games will burn your bankroll and spoil your fun.

3. Forget about bonus offers

Casinos will encourage you to play with them over their competitors by offering you free spins. Free spins deals are a great way to test out a casino and see if it has a range of slot games that tickle your fancy. A good offer will also let you play for real money without asking you to stake a lot.

Slots bonuses let you have more fun with less cash. Of course, they also improve your chances of winning money while reducing the pressure on you to keep topping up your bankroll.

4. Fail to bet the minimum on a progressive jackpot

A progressive jackpot takes a slice of what everyone’s wagering on a game and adds it to a central prize fund. The jackpot can pay out in a variety of ways, but usually gets released after certain symbol combinations or when a player wins the bonus feature.

However, there’s often a minimum bet required to gain entry to the jackpot. In some casinos, this will be the maximum bet, although others will only ask for a mid-level wager. To avoid disappointment when going for the jackpot, always check the minimum bet.

5. Always place the maximum bet

Outside of a progressive slots game, there’s no need to place the maximum bet. If you’ve got £50 to play with and the maximum bet is £5, betting maximum could cripple your bankroll fast. So, it’s important to be strategic with your money and only bet more when there’s a lot to play for.

Are you guilty of making any of these mistakes when playing online slots? It’s easy to throw caution to the wind when playing a game of luck; the reels will fall in your favour or they won’t. But, playing slots is also about having fun for as long as you can. Therefore, you’ll want to extend your play and ensure your chances of a good return. Taking quick steps such as checking the pay table and looking up bonuses might seem obvious, but doing so optimises your play and keeps your bankroll ticking along nicely.