How Many Decks are Used in Online Blackjack?

In live blackjack, it’s useful to know how many decks are in play at the table. The fewer there are, the lower the house edge. Thus, casinos introduced multi-deck shoes to increase their advantage and deter card counting. A shoe will usually contain six or eight decks.

When playing the online version of blackjack, you’ll find single-deck or double-deck tables are available. However, this doesn’t offer the same player advantage as the live game, because the software shuffles decks after every hand. The automatic shuffling makes any card counting pointless, therefore acting as a deterrent to cheats.

Less trustworthy online casinos will tinker with the payouts on single-deck or double-deck games. By reducing payouts, they can claw back their edge. Some casinos also let the dealer hit on a soft 17 in their single-deck online games. Remember to check out the rules on doubling, splitting and surrendering, as well any differences in payouts.

The number of decks in your blackjack game?

Information on the number of decks in play online isn’t always available and will differ from casino to casino. So you’re best off asking the casino directly.

There are other ways to determine how many are in use. For example, if you look at how many suited pairs come up in the first four cards dealt – your first two cards and the dealer’s first two cards. There’s a correlation between suited pairs and the number of decks so that you can estimate the number of them based on this. However, this is time-consuming and unreliable.

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