10 Little Secrets Casinos Don’t Want You To Know

Tipping The Dealer Is Not a Bad Move

Tipping the dealer

Dealers are not paid a huge amount of money in the Casinos (being a member of a service industry) so bear that in mind. Some people like to get the dealer involved in the game and make a bet for them. It is a sure-fire way to get the dealer on the side which can be a help in Craps.

It’s also worth saying that you should be calm and friendly with all casino staff – even when you are losing. Getting heated up is not going to help you win any arguments and can only lead to you being booted out. Keeping the dealer happy leads to good vibes and a better experience.

Don’t Forget To Check Out The Poker Lounge

Poker lounge

In the UK you can play poker at licensed casinos where you may find tournaments and other high value prizes up for grabs.

Keep an eye on what’s going on as you never know when a shoal of fish http://dictionary.pokerzone.com/ Fish may swim in!

Certain Games Are A Complete Waste Of Money. Like Roulette.


Yes we know – you probably love the excitement of the big roulette wheel – and the sound of the ball finding its’ way home has its special charm, however, beware. Look how many numbers there are on that roulette wheel.

Even the red/black split is not completely even because of the 0. People do have lucky runs but don’t let that allude you. Play your real money games elsewhere, and you will win more cash. Roulette is for people who should know better – don’t let that be you.

Experts Have Won Millions On Blackjack


You may have heard of Don Johnson – not the Miami Vice actor but a US gambling pro who was lucky enough to have special deals with several casinos (20% of his losses in one case), and as a result, he was able to win a massive 15 million!

Now the chances of you doing this are not quite the same – you may struggle to get a discount on losses, but this demonstrates just what exactly is possible with Blackjack if you know what you are doing.

Some casinos are reportedly changing their Blackjack odds to cater for the fact that people are becoming more switched on to Blackjack as a game where you have a better chance of winning cash.

Distractions Are There For A Reason. Special Design. Fast Music. Red Lights. Booze.


Casino design is no accident and science is used to test what sort of designs work best. The position of machines compared to the doorway, for example, has been highly tested with the best performing machines (perhaps no surprise) were right inside the casino door.

Other designs that apparently encourage us to part with our cash include low ceilings and maze type layouts.

Odors are also employed after tests showed that they could slow people down, and if people spent more time in that place then they were more likely to gamble!

You Might Get Better Odds Downtown


It may seem obvious, but different casinos will have different odds. In Vegas you will find all manner of different odds offered – some of the better deals you may find at the more run down casinos in the cheaper parts of town.

The atmosphere at some of these ‘low end’ casinos can be much more pleasant than what you find on the strip. Take some time to check these places out.

Cameras Record Most Places


If you were thinking about sneaking your blackjack cheat sheet into the casino, then think again. While they may not look like it (unless they are hanging a huge ball in the middle of their casino with cameras on it), they will be keeping an eye on most of the casino.

There is so much technology available to a casino now that it isn’t worth trying to hide anything. Just head over to the BlackJack or Craps area and have some fun. You may even win something.

Big Wins Leads To A Watchful Eye


Don’t think that you are going to walk into a casino and win big without attracting at least some form of attention. For obvious reasons, casinos are very interested in people who are winning a lot of money in their casino.

It is in their interests to make sure that anybody taking a lot of money out is doing so legitimately. Somewhere up there in an office, somebody will be monitoring what you are doing.

There will also be undercover security posing to be players so they can keep a close watch on you. So play fair.

Mathematically Speaking, You Will Lose


Let’s not beat around the bush. You are probably going to lose. In the long run, you are almost certainly going to lose. Unless you are a professional gambler – card counter, whatever – with a huge bankroll.

The whole system is designed to make this happen. Otherwise, casinos would not be able to operate. They are not charities! They make their money by you losing. Keep this in mind before you step into another casino.

Oxygen May Be Piped In


Yes believe it, or not some casinos will enrich the environment to help you to stay awake. It is difficult for you to lose money if you are asleep, so casinos take things a step further to have you an alert, if drunk, customer. That works best for them – for you, perhaps not!

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