Bryan Paris – Living The $10 Million Poker Dream

Perhaps you harbour dreams of making a decent living from something that you enjoy? Poker player Bryan Paris is doing just that and has now reached a major financial milestone in his career, reaching an accumulated total of more than $10 million in prize money.

The Winning Strategy

“You’ve got to know when to hold ’em. Know when to fold ’em. Know when to walk away. And know when to run.” So sang Kenny Rogers back in the day, and player Bryan Paris doesn’t appear to be walking away anytime soon. He instead seems to have the winning strategy honed to perfection. That $10 million total pot makes Paris the second player in the world to achieve such huge financial success in the game, coming second only to Chris Moorman, the British player who has raked in a total of £13.8 million.

Who is Paris?

Growing up just outside the San Francisco Bay area, Bryan Paris staked his claim as a card player from an early age. Playing for quarters and dollar bills both at home and then at high school, Paris developed a love for the game pretty early on. Later, studying economics, he continued to play to pay the bills. After graduation, he saw no reason to get a ‘real’ job and made poker his main focus. Despite trying and disliking a few internships, Paris decided playing pro was the only way to go – and started to earn some serious money from the game he has always loved.

The Road to Winning

Bryan Paris started small, making wins from $50 sit-n-gos. Moving onto multi-table tournaments, he made his first major score at the Sunday Brawl in 2009, beating Shaun Deeb. He described that win as “the best feeling ever.” Bryan Paris only played in live tournaments during the World Series of Poker, or when he could win an online satellite to a European Poker Tour stop.

A Move to Europe

Following Black Friday – remember, online poker has been illegal in many US states since 2011 – there was no question of Paris NOT moving away from the USA to continue playing online. Eventually, he made a move to Amsterdam, where he has continued to rack up huge wins, on busy days playing up to 15 tables at a time. However, it doesn’t come cheap – Paris spends up to $3,000 a day on buy-ins, sometimes as much as $15,000. Despite that, his average win is just $842, making it clear that his massive long-term success is much more about making reasonable gains on a consistent basis, rather than huge, one-off wins.

Following the Success Story

Want to follow this trailblazer in action? Bryan Paris plays a wide variety of online poker sites, including Party Poker, where his nickname is ‘sir-limpsalot,’ and 888Poker, as ‘DePittsterje.’ He is @bparispoker on Twitter, or you can watch his latest broadcasts on Twitch. Perhaps this latest milestone in the career of Bryan Paris will inspire other online poker players to make that leap into the big time.