The Best UK Poker Bonuses

Boost your bankroll with a poker bonus or join a freeroll tournament. Feel on top of the world playing your best poker while treated with cash rewards.

Poker bonuses are a brilliant way to make your funds stretch further. In most online casinos, the more poker you play, the more of a bonus you unlock. We’ve grouped the best poker bonuses into one of three categories:

Poker no deposit bonuses: Test drive a casino for free with a no deposit poker bonus. To start playing, all you’ll need to do is sign up and register an account.

Poker welcome bonuses: Don’t start playing at a casino without taking advantage of their welcome bonus. These bonuses will usually match your first deposit, doubling your money and doubling your play.

Poker freerolls: Join a poker tournament without spending a penny. Depending on the tournament, you could be playing for a cash prize or an exciting giveaway, like a holiday.

If you’re new to online poker, start by looking for freeroll tournaments and welcome bonuses. These deals help you get to know how the casino runs its poker games without pressuring you to stake a lot of money.


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No deposit Poker bonuses

Best No Deposit Poker Bonus UK

UK no deposit poker bonuses are hard to come by but do exist. These deals let you enter tournaments and cash games for free after you’ve registered with a casino and downloaded their software.

If you’re just starting out, a no deposit poker bonus is a cheap way to experience a casino without betting a lot of cash. Use the offer to gauge the standard of other players and check games move at the right pace for you.

The best no deposit poker bonuses won’t require you to enter a specific tournament with your free cash. Instead, they’ll place the money in your account and let you decide which game takes your fancy.

Online Poker Welcome Bonuses

Best UK Poker Welcome Bonuses

There are lots of poker welcome bonuses out there, so you can afford to be picky. A top poker welcome bonus will give you money back for making a deposit plus free entry to tournaments.

As part of the poker welcome package, look out for rakebacks. In a nutshell, rakebacks are where a casino gives players back a percentage of the profit it makes by hosting a game or tournament. Some casinos offer new players high rakebacks and this extra cash will make your bankroll go further.

When looking for a top poker welcome bonus also consider your style of play and level of ability. Certain poker rooms attract poker pros while others are better for new players. As a rule, Pokerstars and 888 Poker are good choices if you’re a poker beginner.

What are poker bonuses?

Poker bonuses, like other casino bonuses, are an incentive offered by a casino. The aim of the bonus: to encourage you to play at that casino and become a loyal customer. There are some important differences between poker bonuses and standard casino bonuses. For example, casinos tend to release poker bonuses incrementally, rather than releasing all the cash at once. Here are some good questions to ask when choosing the best poker bonus:

When does the bonus expire?

Poker bonuses vary in duration. Some will last for a week and others for several months. Bear in mind that you’ll need to meet the play through requirements within the timeframe, so don’t activate the offer until you want to start playing.

Do you get the bonus in stages or all at once?

Some casinos release their poker bonuses in stages: the more you play, the more bonus you earn. It works well for beginners because you don’t have to clear a large sum all in one go.

Does the poker bonus come with entry to a tournament?

If the bonus comes with free entry into a tournament (which many do), look at the exact tournament you’ll be entering. The prizes on offer at poker tournaments vary. Some tournaments offer a cash prize while others give out swag, such as high-end gadgets. If you want to win real money, search for large monthly tournaments with a cash prize of £5,000 plus.

The different types of poker bonuses

There are important differences between poker bonuses and standard casino bonuses. When playing poker online, you’re up against other players rather than the casino. The casino makes its money by charging a rake; a commission on the money you put down. As a result, casinos tend to release bonuses in stages to keep you playing for longer.

There are five different types you need to know about:

Match bonus: Where an online casino matches the amount that you deposit. A generous poker bonus will match your full deposit (and even add a little more on top).

Reload bonus: The casino gives you free cash in return for you making a deposit. Reload bonuses aren’t usually worth as much as match bonuses, but they’re a good way to reward loyalty.

Poker no deposit bonus: Sometimes online casinos will reward you just for signing up. It lets you try out the casino before laying down real money.

Referral bonus: Casinos specialising in poker will often reward players for referring a friend. The size of your bonus will typically go up the more hands the person you refer plays.

Rakeback offer: When the casino gives a player a percentage of commission they’ve earned through rakebacks. A rakeback deal encourages you to be loyal to a casino and once activated shouldn’t expire.

The best poker bonus might not have the biggest number next to it. Poker bonuses, like other casino bonuses, come with a wagering requirement. So, you must play a set amount of hands to unlock your winnings. Bigger bonuses will have a higher wagering requirement, which means you need to play for longer to withdraw your winnings.

Claiming your poker bonus

You trigger most poker bonuses by signing up and making your deposit. However, that doesn’t mean the entire bonus is automatically available. Poker bonuses are often released incrementally – the more you play, the more bonus you get.

Most casinos will credit your bonus based on how many points you earn through playing poker games. Always check how many points you need to earn and how many days you have to earn them.

Some poker players like to jump from bonus to bonus (a tactic known as bonus whoring). These players are trying to build multiple bankrolls at once. However, they’ll still be bound to each bonus’s playthrough requirement. Considering how quickly some of these bonuses expire, you’re usually better off maximising the benefits of a bonus one at a time.

What’s a poker freeroll tournament?

Strictly speaking, a freeroll poker tournament is one that’s free to enter. Although, some casinos will ask you to sacrifice your poker points or make a deposit to gain entry. This way, you pay a fee upfront but don’t have to put down huge amounts to play. These tournaments attract players in their droves.

The prize for winning a poker freeroll isn’t always cash. Some tournaments will offer bonus money and others entry to larger tournaments where cash can be won.

Should your style of play change after activating a poker bonus?

No, the usual guidelines apply when playing through a bonus. Manage your bankroll, don’t get distracted and don’t be afraid to play aggressively.