The Basics of Blackjack

No strategy is infallible but a little bit of knowledge about how to bet and a dash of common sense it can help to improve your chances of winning. Here are some of the basics of Blackjack strategies to consider:

The Paroli System – requires that you increase your bets when winning and decrease when losing. There is no limit to your bets unless specified by the house.

The Base Five Progressive Betting – otherwise known as the 1-2-3-5 System this dictates that you increase your bets each round. A £10 bet increases to £20, £30, and then £50.

Card Counting – This is recognised as an effective ruse to beat the dealer in Blackjack, and essential strategy if you are following a progressive betting system, but not loved by the Casinos who employ multiple decks to discourage the practice. Card counting requires you to note the cards that have been dealt, high value or low value, to make a general assessment of how the shoe is stacked. High or low?

Common Basics of Blackjack Mistakes

The expose of only one of the dealers card. You have to play your game based on the value dealer’s up card. Here are four common mistakes to avoid.

  • Don’t stand on a soft 18 (ace + 8) or 17 (ace + 7) when you see the dealer’s ace, 9, or 10. This is a time to hit as there is a good chance of beating the dealer.
  • Don’t double down on soft totals. Doubling down on 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, or 18 will earn you more money than going for a hit in these situations. Do consider a double down on 9,10,11 or a soft ace.
  • Don’t go for insurance, or even money, when you have a Blackjack. Insurance will lose you money in the end.
  • Don’t hit on a pair of 8s. Split, don’t hit as you will be starting with 8s rather than a more tricky 16. You should also split into two aces.

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