What are the advantages of playing craps online?

For a casino newbie, the craps table is perhaps the most intimidating of them all. In fact, some never pluck up the courage to give it a go. The craps table is where the ‘cool crowd’ seem to sit, creating a lot of buzz and excitement.

While for some the draw of a casino its sense of shared camaraderie, others prefer to sit at home and enjoy gaming in comfort. Without leaving their bedroom, these online players can win oodles of dosh and enjoy the thrill of a game. You don’t have to be one kind of player or another; it’s possible to have the best of both worlds. But for those fascinated by online casinos, the advantages of online craps go beyond getting to play without even getting dressed.

Here’s why the game basics of craps has made such a successful transition to online gambling and has advantages over land-based casinos:

Top advantages of online craps


One of the main advantages of online craps is that it’s cheaper. You don’t have to pay for travel and accommodation or fork out for tips when you reach the casino. Plus, you get to practice for free for as long as you want before playing for real money.  Combine this with lower betting limits and it’s clear the online game is better than brick and mortar venues in terms of cost.

If you do love live craps, but can’t spend time and money on getting to a casino, the online version is a great way to get your craps fix. At least until your next trip to a land-based venue.

There are those in the gambling community who have wondered whether online casinos might introduce a live dealer version of craps. Like live dealer versions of blackjack and poker, this would simulate the sociality of in-person casinos. For the time being though, only the video game style exists.


When online, you can play when you like for as long as you like – all from the comfort of your own home. You don’t have to worry about the atmosphere in the casino or drunk people getting lary. Nor will you be distracted by the goings on in a land-based venue, such as players blowing their own trumpet when they win. Of course, you also get to sit down, which after an hour or so of play is a luxury you’ll be happy for.

Ease of play

The initial confusion of the craps layout and the language can be off-putting. But when playing online, you have space and time to get to grips with it all. Most sites offer tips and strategy advice along with the rules of the game. This advice is more authoritative than the man who sits next to you at the casino and tries to correct your play (rude!).

Neither do you have to worry about your dice rolling technique.  There’s no failing to hit the back wall and knocking over someone’s chips. Or worse, having all eyes on you as you miss the table completely.

You set the pace

Another advantage of online craps is that you set the speed of the game when playing online. There’s no pressure from dealers or players, and nobody will be annoyed if you get your bets wrong. Without the added confusion and intimidation, your performance will improve as you concentrate on the game.

Freedom to play on the don’t pass line

Playing on the don’t pass line is one of the best bets in craps. The don’t pass line has little or no house edge, but at a live table you’re betting against the shooter and going against most of the other players at the table. This can cause friction if you win and everyone else loses. Whereas in online craps, you’re free to celebrate as much as you want.

Easy to keep track

When online you have access to your game history and financial transactions. This is something that you might easily lose sight of in the heat and excitement of a live craps game. With this information to hand, you’ll know to cash in when the going is good and pause betting if you lose out too much.

Why play online craps

Some players will always prefer the atmosphere of a land-based casino game. These players miss being in contact with a physical dice and love to take the role of shooter. These players miss being in contact with a physical dice and love to take the role of shooter.

But online craps is far from tame. The thrill of placing bets and watching how the dice fall stays the same online. What’s more, you have more freedom to play how you like for as long as you like. So sit back in your pants, turn up the radio and enjoy the flow of the game.