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Ever pounced on a casino offer only to realise it wasn’t what you expected? You’re not alone. Many players spend hours searching for knock-out bonuses only to choose one that sucks.

To save you despairing at the lack of bonus love going around, has brought the best online casino offers together in one place. From free spins to no deposit casino bonuses, these deals will power up your play without leaving your wallet empty.

Top 10 Casino Offers

£100 BONUS CASH + 100 EXTRA SPINS New Customer Offer, T&C Apply. 18+
£200 BONUS & 100 EXTRA SPINS New Customer Offer, T&C Apply. 18+
23 SPINS ON REGISTRATION + 77 EXTRA SPINS New Customer Offer, T&C Apply. 18+
£900 WELCOME BONUS + 75 EXTRA SPINS New Customer Offer, T&C Apply. 18+
5 SPINS ON REGISTRATION + £100 BONUS & 25 EXTRA SPINS New Customer Offer, T&C Apply. 18+
£100 BONUS & 200 EXTRA SPINS New Customer Offer, T&C Apply. 18+
30 SPINS ON REGISTRATION + £400 BONUS & 50 EXTRA SPINS New Customer Offer, T&C Apply. 18+

New Customer Offer, T&C Apply, 18+


New Customer Offer, T&C Apply, 18+

Casino offers that quench your thirst for real money play

Are you feeling selfish? I hope so because choosing the best casino offer is all about you.

Are you a free spins fanatic or a poker aficionado? An excitable high roller or a laid-back opportunist?

Whatever your style of play, here you’ll find a selection of deals that cater to your tastes. From offers bursting with extra spins to deals that give cash back just for depositing, get ready to uncover the bonuses that keep on giving.

Oh, and by the way, all Beat That Deal’s online casino offers are sourced from legit casinos, so you’ll steer clear of the good-for-nothing scamsters too!

Beat That Deal’s top reads

How to know if an online casino offer is worth raving about

I hear you – yawn, yawn, who wants to waste their time getting to grips with bonus deals when they could be reaping the rewards of bonus cash?

But, don’t be hasty. No casino offer should be taken at face value. To truly understand the value of an offer, you need to know how it works.

Fortunately, I’m an old hat when it comes to sussing out these deals, and can tell you exactly what to watch out for. Read, repeat and rehearse these points until you’re blue in the face. Once you’ve got them down, you’re ready to fly the Beat That Deal nest and decide for yourself if an offer is a rare gem or a lump of coal.

  1. Pay attention to wagering requirements

A wagering requirement is a number that tells you how many times you must bet your bonus cash before you can withdraw it as real money. For example, if I deposit £10 and my bonus has a wagering requirement of x30, I must wager £300 to withdraw any winnings I make.

Also, check which games count towards your wagering requirement. Typically, bets on slots games count fully but bets on table games do not. If a table game’s bets put 25% towards your wagering requirement, the total value of your bets will need to be x4 greater before you make a withdrawal.

  1. Get a feel for the whole package

People LOVE free stuff. So, it’s hardly surprising that no deposit bonuses are highly sought after.

But, don’t let yourself be hoodwinked by the allure of a no deposit casino bonus. Just because a deal gives you free spins for nothing, doesn’t mean it’s going to put you in better stead to win real money.

Instead, check out what delights the casino has in store for you once you’ve made a deposit. If a casino is willing to match your first few deposits with bonus cash, that’s going to give you the best chance of hitting a cash prize.

  1. Watch out for surprise deadlines

Ah, you thought those free spins would remain in your account collecting dust? Wrong. Whenever casino offers include free spins, there will be an expiry date attached to those spins. Sometimes it’ll be 24 hours after you activated the deal, other times it’ll be a week later – it really depends on the casino.

Take note of any expiry dates and only activate the offer when you’re ready to tuck into your free spins feast. Otherwise, you risk forgetting about the deal and it vanishes in a flash.

  1. Double-check caps on winnings

Online casinos realise that players will use their bonus to win more. But, they don’t want to risk you winning more than they can afford to pay out.

Therefore, standard industry practice is to cap how much you can win using a bonus. This acts as a safety buffer for the casino, letting them be generous without going bankrupt.

If you’re serious about finding a top online casino, make sure the casino has set a reasonable limit on winnings. It’ll put a downer on your day if you go to celebrate a jackpot victory and then realise you can’t keep the whole shebang!

How casino offers are changing in the UK

In 2018, the UK Gambling Commission started taking a tougher stance with casinos. The regulatory body warned online casinos to be transparent with customers about their bonus terms and banned misleading promotions.

For online casinos, the tighter controls are a pain because they can’t use sneaky tactics to attract your custom. For example, they can’t promise to make you rich quick when there’s little likelihood of this happening.

From your perspective, more stringent controls are helpful. When an online casino is clear about what its offers include, it’s easier for you to make the right choice when selecting a bonus.

Because of the new controls, UK casinos are moving away from including wagering requirements in their offers. Play OJO is one popular casino to have done away with wagering rules, realising that they’re unnecessarily confusing for players. In 2018, more online casinos are expected to follow this trend, putting an end to your wagering headache.

Another change is the move to refer to free spins as extra spins. The UK Gambling Commission has decided that the term ‘free’ is misleading because you can’t always access these spins without making a deposit. So, you could find casinos begin to change the wording of their deals, even though what they’re offering is the same.

Love casino offers, but play it safe

Beat That Deal is committed to bringing you the best casino offers and oodles of fun. We want you to be up to your eyeballs in entertaining casino games and enjoy every second of it.

But, that’s not a green light to go wagering your entire pay packet at these casino sites. Stay grounded whenever you’re betting real cash and set yourself a loss limit you won’t exceed.

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