Most Shocking UK Casino Scams!

Historical Gambling Cheats

Old cards

George Devol was a notorious poker cheat who swindled his fellow players with marked cards over a 40-year period in the 19th century. It was believed he earned about $1m during his poker casino career.

Dennis Sean McAndrew is considered to be the most prolific slot machine scammer. He started rigging slot machines over a 20-year period before getting caught in 1990’s. He used silicone chips that overrode software that controlled payouts.

Joe and Henry Classon used a corrupt dealer to scam their way to their winnings. The dealer would secretly pass winning hands to the brothers. They managed to keep these scams going for a while. As the Classon brothers ensured other players lost enough to cover the casino’s losses.

Source: Independent

Handy Socks

poker chips

A croupier (or dealer) who worked at Genting-owned Cromwell Mint Casino in London, was caught stealing casino chips by hiding them in his socks. The scams allowed the man to place chips into a false pocket in his trousers which were connected by a tube to his socks. The man was able to give them to an accomplice who then returned a few days later to cash in the chips.

Source: Daily Mail

Roulette Thief

RouletteA man was caught on CCTV with adding, removing and stealing other players chips at a roulette table from a Gala Casino Group casino. The man (who has been banned from major casinos) used four different identities to gain entry to the casinos. Sneaky.

Source: Standard

The ones that got away


In 2004, a cunning group of gamblers took home more than £1m in winnings after using laser technology at a roulette table. They used a laser scanner attached to a computer to predict numbers likely to come up at the roulette wheel. The scanner judged the speed of the ball which allowed the gamblers to do quick calculations, giving them just enough time to place their bets. This sensational loophole was shockingly deemed not illegal by police, and the group were free to keep their winnings. We highly doubt anything like this will happen again. This crafty group will be remembered as the ones that got away.

Source: BBC

The Monaco Job

Monte Carlo Casino

Three British ‘professional gamblers’ in Monaco were caught using imitation chips that looked just like the ones used at a famous Monte Carlo casino. The group purchased fake tokens for around 10 euros each, which looked identical to the 1,000 euro casino chip equivalent. In a scam that lasted a year, the group amassed £2.7m in winnings. However, were later arrested and forced to return around £625,000. Leaving the group to walk away with over £2million in profit.

Source: Daily Mail

Under the Table

DealerFive poker players scammed the Grosvenor Victoria Casino, one of the largest casinos in the UK by swapping cards under the table to create winning hands. The gang distracted the dealer before swapping cards when one was close to a winning hand. The gang were charged with criminal offences and also barred from gambling premises for 12 months.

Source: Mirror